Lately I’m participating in different workshops where the topic of discussions I what structures we should create in order to foster entrepreneurship and business creation. Without underestimating these efforts, personally I feel that rather than talking about new companies, should be to focus on larger companies.

From idescat data I highlight the following:



In short, almost 95% of them Catalan companies have less than 9 employees as explained in the next post, the comparison with Germany makes it clear that despite having fewer companies that our country, they are larger and generate more value:

So, does we would like to have more companies?

With our experience as consultants in all types of business organizations we realize that when a company has 500 direct employees it generates, directly or indirectly, an economic effect much higher than 10 companies with 50 workers.

The explanation is as simple as the fact that the biggest company has had to implement every business process to reach this dimension. For instance, you probably have a good department marketing running the activities and also outsources some others. In contrast, for a small business is difficult to develop this activity potently and so, take clear advantage on that effort.

The bigger dimension can be achieved, either by growing the organization itself organically, either throughacquisitions. At the same time, is necessary to have the project very well-structured and a good organization to ensure the settlement of the basic structures of operation.

It is also possible through systematic collaboration, structured and regulated between different complementary organizations from the point of view of the market, a fact that allows sharing certain processes to ensure that the whole gains strength. In this sense, cluster policy would facilitate this integration.

So let’s think how we can win this dimension that ensures our future, and above all, the strength as a country