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The common sense in the company

In the current companies, almost everything is studied, analyzed and evaluated and there are few variables left tochance. It seems incredible, but even today; it happens in many companies (large and small) decisions are taken just to be taken. Managers or those most responsible for the final decisions, often make the strategic decisions or business […]


Integration of Quality, Environmental and Occupational Risk Prevention Management Systems

What company does not have an internal Management System? Some have Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001 or ISO / TS 16949), others have Environment Management Systems (ISO 14001), and others have Occupational Risk Prevention Management Systems (OHSAS) and, finally, many have two or more of these systems. Effective management of a Quality Management System can […]


NLP, a tool to increase staff productivity

In the business world and within our company, instability to which workers are subjected is one of the features that we found more often and more damage do in the company. Workers have to respond with speed and accurately to the changes and different types of problems they encounter daily in their work. However, many […]