From “Fax management” to “Performance management”

In the field of business management, at least in our country, a quick and unstoppable evolution is advancing which, in an exaggerated form, it can be represented graphically as a path from the origins of direct and personal management (Order face to face, phone call, fax (strange but I found it in a company) to a structured model of objectives, more autonomous and creative as is management by KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).


This is a natural way for any company seeking to stay alive in the future. It is no coincidence that large multinational companies and big corporations, while they are working under this criterion and I would say, performing quite well.

Certainly in the world of management in many aspects we arrive too late, so it’s no necessary to invent anything. You just have to learn, adapt and advance in the topics you are able.

The Performance Management process allows us to relate the daily activity of a company with the objectives set through a well-defined system conveniently followed with discipline.

This type of system gives autonomy to employees, which enhance their self-esteem, increasing the level of proactivity, improving the work environment and by definition, the good performance of the organization.

Fax or KPIs? How are you managing your company?

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