Can we function without an operating system?

Making a comparison with any computer operating system, a company can operate efficiently without an organizational structure that integrates and manages the different elements that are part of it?


The answer is clear: no.

As does an operating system of a machine, companies need organizational structures to ensure the coherence and consistency of the activities and tasks that we develop within the organization. You need to have defined a logical model that integrates the basic elements of every operating system:


And as a good system, maintenance or upgrade is important to ensure that is constantly and perfectly aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization. In this line, if you do not mind spending money to buy a good operating system to ensure the proper functioning of a computer, why should we not do the same to implement the best system for the large “machine” that means the company, operates in the best way possible?

In addition, the system itself must contain a process that facilitates continuous improvement. Great!

How do we have, then, the operating system of our company?

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